BWF Envirotec Environment Filtration Dedusting

Achieving Zero Emission
Every Plant’s Greatest Challenge

Achieving Zero Emission is a global mission. BWF Envirotec takes this universal mission so seriously we recommit ourselves daily with our “We Care for Clean Air.” philosophy. BWF Envirotec takes it personally and we make it personal.

Clean Air goes hand-in-hand with Zero Emission

Both initiatives target eliminating exposing ourselves, our employees, our families, neighborhoods, communities and nations to harmful toxins. In an effort to help our clients achieve Zero Emission, BWF Envirotec’s research department has identified how various filter mediums perform with regard to the same inlet dust loading.

BWF Envirotec Zero Emission

Using this research, BWF Envirotec’s industry experts have put together the following guidelines to help plant managers understand the requirements to achieve Zero Emission:

  • The filter medium should be classified as a high-performance filter and coated with an equally high-performing ePTFE membrane.
  • The medium should be adapted to your plant’s baghouse operations and industry.
  • Bags fabricated with seams should be welded or sealed, and the welds and seals should withstand the highest temperatures and meet peak production requirements.
  • Bags should be accompanied by precisely dimensioned supporting cages.
  • The filter system should be designed and constructed to be “particle-tight.”

In addition, our experts recommend that the installation process guarantees a “leakage-free” protocol.

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