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In the steel and metal industry, reliably reducing emissions is a central task in filter technology. Every manufacturing process places individual demands on filter media and industrial filters.

High filter surface loads or different harmful gas compositions are only some of the requirements for the filter medium that play a major role in filter technology. Here at BWF Envirotec, we design industrial filters for every filter technology application tailored exactly to your application. Our industrial filters distinguish themselves with their excellent filtration properties and long service lives.

Our best filters for the steel and metal industry

needlona® (specially developed filters made of needle felt filter media) and PM-Tec® industrial filters (ePTFE membrane industrial filters made of needle felt filter media or glass fibre for fine dust filtration) offer optimum filtration results for abrasion resistance, resistance to occasional sparking and pyrophoric dust, hydrolysis resistance and fine dust separation.

Our industrial filters are used in the production of zinc, steel, aluminium, lead and copper.

Our application technology engineers offer highly efficient, best-case solutions for filter technology. We aim to help our customers set standards and achieve high performance goals. To this end, we offer a complete range of including installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs and filter system optimisation.


Dust source                                                                                                             Filter medium                                                                      Location                    Number          of filter bags Inlet load    g/Nm3            Temperature                Continuous/Peak °C 
Aluminium - Melting furnace needlona® PE/PE 521 SI Kazakhstan 5,400 20 120/130
Steel industry - Melting furnace needlona® PE/PE 554 Glaze CS17 Russian Federation 4,608 2 100/140
Steel industry - Sinter strand needlona® PPS/PPS 604 MPS Glaze Germany 42,096 300 100-105/140
Non-ferrous metal industry - Foundry needlona® PPS/PTFE 454 Glaze CS31 Austria 770 15 150/200
Steel industry - Electric arc furnace needlona® DT-PE/DT-PE 551 CS17 Germany 3,960 4



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