BWF Envirotec shaker filter

Shaker filter bags
made of needle felt

These mostly smaller filter systems (often with a filter area of only 5 - 200 m²) are preferable when discontinuous processes are involved, e.g. for the dedusting of conveyor systems, silos or workplaces.

Cleaning is carried out by means of a motorised (or manual) vibrating device that causes the filter bag to vibrate. The filter cake detaches from the filter bag and drops into a collecting container. Cleaning can only take place when filtration is off-line.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Polyester needle felt with a basis weight of 300 - 350 g/m²

  • Strong multi-filament supporting fabric ensures long service life

  • High air permeability

  • A smoothed filter media surface "glaze" supports filter cake release

During cleaning, vibration subjects filter media to high mechanical stress. Since vibrating filters are usually only operated discontinuously and are not designed for long periods of continuous operation however, filter media with strong supporting fabric can still enjoy a service life of several years.

Filter bag pm tec needlefelt
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