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The energy-generating industry
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Whether operated with coal or biomass such as olive pits, rapeseed, rice husks, straw or wood, power plants must generate energy efficiently, while at the same time operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. Further challenges for filter technology include reducing flue ash and neutralising harmful gases. Filter media from BWF Envirotec have been specially developed with this application in mind.

Coal-fired power plants produce flue ash, which must then be safely removed from the flue gas. Using BWF Envirotec industrial filters for filter technology efficiently separates dust and reduces harmful gases. Thermal waste treatment plants place equally great demands on filter technology: For example, legally prescribed, lowest dust emission limits must be observed. With BWF Envirotec industrial filters for your filter technology, you can rest assured you will easily meet dust emission limits.

BWF Envirotec's environmental concept

The production of energy through the combustion of biomass is becoming increasingly important. As a fuel, the composition of biomass can vary widely. Our specific, high-performance industrial filters are precisely tailored to your filter system's operating conditions.

BWF Envirotec works to meet the environmental goal of protecting natural energy resources and making sustainable use of them. BWF Envirotec industrial filters achieve emission values in filter technology that are often far below the legally permissible limits.

Our application technology engineers offer highly efficient, best-case solutions for filter technology. We aim to help our customers set standards and achieve high performance goals. To this end, we offer a complete range of service programmes including installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs and filter system optimisation.


Dust source                                                                                                             Filter medium                                                                      Location                    Number          of filter bags Inlet load    g/Nm3            Temperature                Continuous/Peak °C 
Waste incinerator - Dry injection needlona® PI/PTFE 524 CS31 Great Britain 1,668 11 130-150/200
Power plants - Pulverised coal firing needlona® PPS/PPS 601 MPS South Africa 36,960 70 125/130
Power plants - Pulverised coal firing needlona® PTFE/PTFE 754 MPS CS30 Czech Republic 16,640 74 160-180/220
Waste incinerator - Fluidised bed combustion PM-Tec® PTFE-PI/PTFE 630 Germany 420 30 160/180
Power plants - Dry injection PM-Tec® GL 750 Sweden 3,600 15



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