ceiling panel

Horizontal ceiling panels
Modern acoustic solutions

The horizontal ceiling panels from silentec® by BWF Group are convincing due to their efficient method of sound insulation and individual design options. 

Areas of application:

  • Interior
  • Acoustics
  • Office

Suspended ceiling element with sheep’s wool

Our ceiling panel significantly improves room acoustics and contributes to a healthy room climate by absorbing pollutants. The highlight for meeting rooms and group workplaces.

colorPAD ceiling panel

Advantages of colorPAD® ceiling panels:

  • absorbs formaldehyde from the room air 
  • solvent-free
  • wool felt surface and acoustic core
  • suspended on height-adjustable ropes


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Moving into new dimensions

Suspended from filigree wire cables, our ceiling panels are especially suitable for optimising the acoustics in meeting rooms. They also impress with their unique shapes!

polySONIC Deckensegel horizontal

Advantages of polySONIC® ceiling panel:

  • three-layer construction improves room acoustics
  • suitable for meeting rooms and group workplaces
  • easy to upgrade in existing rooms
  • suspended from height-adjustable cables 

polySONIC® baffleGRID
High performance and reliable

Due to the open grid structure, our polySONIC® baffle appear very light and thus enable maximum sound absorption with optimum light transmission from above.

polySONIC baffel

Advantages of polySONIC® baffleGRID:

  • improves room acoustics
  • suitable for meeting rooms and group workplaces
  • can be placed directly above the noise source 
  • suspended from height-adjustable cables 
colorpad suspended ceiling panel
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