ceiling panel

Vertical ceiling panels
Free-floating acoustic elements 

The vertical ceiling panels from silentec® by BWF Group improve your room acoustics and visually enhance any room with their individual design.

Areas of application:

  • Interior
  • Acoustics
  • Office

colorPAD® ceiling panel
Colour highlights with great effect

With our free-floating acoustic elements, you can improve the room acoustics in a visually impressive way. The elements can be combined on top of each other in all colours.

colorPAD ceiling panel

Advantages of colorPAD® ceiling panels:

  • absorbs formaldehyde from the room air
  • solvent-free
  • wool felt surface and acoustic core
  • suspend from height-adjustable ropes


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polySONIC® artCUT
Stylish privacy screen

The suspended room divider provides a visual separation of workplaces and at the same time less interference from noise generated by other divisions or groups.

polySONIC artcut

Advantages of polySONIC® artCUT ceiling panel:

  • excellent sound shielding
  • for more peace and privacy in the room
  • robust and form stable
  • attractive appearance
colorpad suspended ceiling panel
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