Roll of technical felt

Technical felts for greater comfort 

Have you seen? Do you commute to work by car or train? You are never far from our felts - but where are they, you ask? Don't worry, we just hid them well. Learn more about our references in the mobility sector.

Our technical felts in your daily life

You mostly find our felts in unseen areas:

  • Rattle protection

  • Gaskets

  • Loudspeakers

  • Fittings

  • Glove compartments

  • Oil filters

Automotive solutions from BWF Feltec

Working alongside renowned German automotive manufacturers, we develop highly effective solutions for a wide range of challenges facing automotive construction. Our years of experience give us an unrivalled level of know-how.

Technical Felt inside of a car
Technical Felt in an underground
Whether it's in your car, an aircraft or for military use - do you expect your products to be durable?

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