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BWF Envirotec needle needle felt

Filter media as roll goods
made of needle felt and glass fibre fabric

2,100 different filter media in rolls means we have the right kind of filter medium for any type of dust and industrial filter.

We produce roll goods made of synthetic needle felt for ready-made products. We process all common polymer fibres into filter media, and also develop custom products on individual request.

Our filter media are made of synthetic fibres. Supporting fabric also provides excellent stability. Each fibre features specific properties that make the filter medium uniquely suited to its field of application. Every type of dust that accumulates during industrial production has different characteristics: Fine, sticky, abrasive, chemically aggressive, hot or even explosive. This is why each kind of dust requires a specially developed filter medium.

Filter media delivery programme

  • Synthetic needle felt with and without ePTFE membrane

  • Glass fibre fabric with ePTFE membrane

  • Working width up to 2.60 m

  • Basis weight from 250 to 950 g/m²

  • Designed as web material or slotted roll material

  • Core product catalogue for filter media with shortest delivery times

  • Custom-built and developed products at customer request

Producing roll goods at BWF Envirotec

Working over a multi-step process, our high-tech machinery creates highly effective needlona® needle felt from fibres and fabrics. Our filter media's multilayer fibre structure and supporting fabric make them extremely compact, dimensionally stable and mechanically resilient. Thermal processing methods, for example, include single singed, unsinged, singed on both sides, calendered on one side or smoothed on one side.

In the final step, application-specific surface finishes and protective treatments developed at our R&D competence centre are applied.

Filtration fibres and their interaction with different types of dust

Scrim and fibre types                       

Contin. Temperature* (Peak)

BWF Envirotec Designation Hydrolysis-Resistance Acid-Resistance Alkali-Resistance Oxidation-Resistance
Polypropylene                            95 °C/(95 °C) PP                       excellent excellent excellent moderate
Polyamide 110 °C/(115 °C) PA


moderate good moderate
Polyacrylnitrile copolymer 115 °C/(120 °C) AC good moderate good good
Temperatur-resistant olefin 125 °C/(135 °C) RO excellent excellent excellent moderate
Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer 125 °C/(140 °C) DT good good good good
Polyester 150 °C/(150 °C) PE moderate good moderate good
Polyphenylene sulphide 190 °C/(200 °C) PPS excellent excellent excellent moderate
m-Aramide 200 °C/(220 °C) NO, NX moderate moderate moderate good
Polyimide 240 °C/(260 °C) PI good moderate moderate good
Premium Fibre Blend 240 °C/(260 °C) PFB good moderate moderate good
Polytetrafluorethylene 250 °C/(280 °C) PTFE, TFL excellent excellent excellent excellent
Fibreglass fabric 260 °C/(288 °C) GL good moderate moderate excellent
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