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Filter technology performs a variety of tasks in chemical plants. Filters must prevent products from being contaminated, protect workers from inhaling toxic fumes and dusts, and prevent the release of pollutants into the environment.

BWF Envirotec takes all these factors into account when designing filter media and industrial filters in order to prevent these side effects from occurring during production. BWF Envirotec industrial filters for filtration technology separate dust to increase productivity, protect against fibre abrasion and reduce product contamination. They minimise the properties of explosive dusts and dissipate electrostatic charges.

Our filters achieve emission values in filter technology that are often far below the legally permissible limits.

Peerless BWF Envirotec filter models for filter technology in the chemical industry

needlona® industrial filters are characterised by an excellent separation of often valuable dusts, thereby increasing the efficiency of production processes.

To avoid product contamination due to fibre abrasion in filter bags, we recommend PM-Tec® filter media made of needle felt or glass fibre and laminated ePTFE membrane, which protects against fibre abrasion and keeps product contamination to a minimum when changing products.

For explosive dusts, we recommend using ExCharge® filter media . These dissipate electrostatic charges safely and achieve resistance values of significantly less than 106 Ohm. ExCharge® is certified by DEKRA GmbH.

Our application technology engineers offer highly efficient, best-case solutions for filter technology. We aim to help our customers set standards and achieve high performance goals. To this end, we offer a complete range of including installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs and filter system optimisation.


Dust source                                                               Filter medium                                                                                                   Location                                        Number           of filter bags  Inlet load  g/Nm3                  Temperature      Continuous/Peak °C
Chemical industry - Dryer needlona® PE/PE 551 CS17 Russian Federation 420 2 50/80
Chemical industry - Detergent production needlona® DT/DT 554 Glaze CS17 Italy 288 5 110/130
Chemical industry - Spray reactor needlona® DT/DT 554 Glaze ExCharge CS17 Russian Federation 2,160 25 120/140
Chemical industry - Dryer needlona® NO/NO 531 CS29 Saudi Arabia 9,216 200 90-120/160
Chemical industry - Furnace for xanthogenatum burn needlona® PTFE/PTFE 754 AS MPS CS30 Russian Federation 512 10 150/150
Chemical industry - Rotary kiln PM-Tec® GL 750 India 476 50 190-200/240


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