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Minerals industry
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The minerals industry works with a wide range of ores and stones - from asphalt to cement, gypsum to lime. Each of these materials present unique environmental challenges when it comes to filter technology:

BWF Envirotec offers filter technology that focuses on productivity. Ensuring product quality and compliance with dust emission limits are central tasks for our industrial filters. Special requirements for filters include properties such as high abrasion resistance, dissipation of electrostatic charges and high chemical resistance.

That's how versatile our range of filters for the minerals industry is

BWF Envirotec filters offer technically sophisticated solutions for any filter technology process. We offer an extensive range of industrial filters and services for dedusting various production processes.

BWF Envirotec filters such as:

  • needlona® (specially developed filters made of needle felt filter media),
  • MPS® (fine fibre needle felts with high air permeability and high dust separation),
  • ExCharge® (filter media are DEKRA certified and safely dissipate electrostatic charge) and
  • PM-Tec® (ePTFE membrane industrial filter made of needle felt or glass fibre for fine dust filtration)

help our customers comply with legal requirements:

We help our customers meet their production goals. To this end, we carry out industrial filter and dust analyses for all filter technology applications in our laboratories, recommend solutions for optimising filter systems and provide training courses on filter media, industrial filters and operating know-how in our Training Academy .


Dust source                                                                                                                  

Filter medium                                                                                                                    Location        Number          of filter bags Inlet load           g/Nm3                     Temperature                Continuous/Peak °C 
Cement industry - Clinker cooler needlona® NO/NO 551 CS52 Iran 1,000 20 160/200
Cement industry - Chlorine bypass needlona® PTFE/PTFE 704 MPS  CS30 Germany 1,200 35 170-175/190
Lime, gypsum, clay industry - Shaft kiln needlona® PTFE/PTFE 704 MPS CS30 France 572 10 184-205/230
Lime, gypsum, clay industry - Rotary kiln PM-Tec® GL 750 South Africa 6,532 20 110-160
Cement industry - Rotary kiln PM-Tec® GL 750 Brazil 7,800 80


Asphalt industry needlona® NO/NO 401 CS17 AsphalTec France 480 250 80/130


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