bwf envirotec product development

BWF Envirotec product development
Welcome to our Technology Centre

Only through continuous product development can we achieve our goal of offering industrial filters with the highest level of quality, reliability and performance.

That’s why we’ve built a Technology Centre for developing products and producing prototypes in our R&D Competence Centre. Our machine park covers every manufacturing process for complete vertical integration of filter media production, from roller cards and needling machines to plants for applying surface coatings.

An overview of our Technology Centre’s benefits portfolio:

  • Development of prototypes
  • Trials and tests in our own machine park under near-production conditions
  • Testing of new fibres
  • Customer-specific production of special products and small batches
  • Customer-specific product adaptations
  • Testing of new raw materials
  • Optimisation of production technologies, such as the development of new coating techniques and thermal processes, as well as optimisation of needling processes
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