BWF Envirotec Cartridge Filter Filtration

Cartridge filter
with increased surface filtration area

Cartridge filters are large Diameter (>8” OD) that are used to clean air stream with low to moderate grain loading, while minimizing the footprint of the Dust Collector.  The Cartridge Filter has a high cloth area relative to the filter’s height due to the pleated filtration media.  The Cartridge Filter can be used in gas stream up to moderator temperature, depending on the filtration media and potting compound used to retain the pleats’ structure.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increased surface filtration area compared to a fabric filter of the same length.
  • Lower operating differential pressure from lower Air-to-Cloth Ratio.
  • Shorter element length, compared to filter bags, raises the filter bottoms up out of inlet gas stream reducing abrasion and premature filter failure.
  • Simplified design helps reduce filter installation time.
  • More filtration area often allows for increased airflow capacity, which can mean increased production. Without costly collector modifications.
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