filter element hot gas filtration

Hot gas filter cartridges
with V-collar or T-collar

Hot gas filter cartridges ensure efficient dust extraction in your baghouse for filtration processes with a continuous temperature of up to 850° C. They are 100% spark repellent and non-flammable - at peak temperatures of 1,000° C. And with emission values of up to < 1 mg/Nm³ at that. Hot gas filter elements can be used in both new systems and retrofits. In general, a variety of designs are possible.

Hot gas filter cartridges delivery programme

  • V-collar or T-collar - the right filter design for every filter head plate

  • Standard diameters 60 and 150 mm

  • Extremely lightweight for quick and easy installation and removal

  • Optionally also available with a catalyst to reduce the NOx content in the exhaust gas stream

Hot gas filter cartridges are manufactured in close cooperation with our partner RATH Filtration GMBH. The Rath Filtration team are therefore happy to support you in the individual planning and design of your dust extraction system.

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