Corona masks filzwelt spit and sneeze protection BWF Group

Hygiene masks and spit/sneeze protection

made by BWF Group

The Corona virus has been a strain on us all over the last few weeks. Even for the BWF Group. Within a very short space of time, our employees made the change from full-capacity operation to working from home quarantine; they also switched production from filter bags to masks. The good news is: nothing could throw the teams at our plants off track and we got creative during the crisis. And so, a project began that was characterised above all by solidarity and social commitment. BWF Envirotec, Italy initially switched from producing filter bags to masks. The colleagues at the headquarters in Offingen also endeavoured to ensure an alternative supply of masks to the company’s own locations and to local medical practices, rescue services, old people’s homes and other facilities. The entire supply chain was put into operation practically overnight. As a result, we are now able to offer our hygiene masks for sale at extremely fair prices.

Besides hygiene masks, we produce another virus protection product. At BWF Profiles, you can get the »BWF Safety Guard« spit and sneeze protection, a sheet of acrylic plastic with a base, which serves as an effective virus barrier and protects the safety and health of the employees wearing it.

BWF Group hygiene masks

BWF Group is now supplying hygiene masks to private individuals.

Due to state government regulations, the wearing of masks while shopping and on public transport has been mandatory since 27 April 2020. BWF Group has received numerous requests from private individuals wishing to purchase masks. Effective immediately, the BWF Group, Bahnhofstr. 20, 89362 Offingen, Germany, is offering a vending machine near the gate, where prophylactic hygiene masks can also be purchased by private individuals while stocks last.

  • BWF hygiene mask, pack of 5 for €5 incl. VAT.

In particular the following product instructions apply:

  • The mask is not a medical product or item occupational safety equipment (PPE).
  • BWF Group is not a licensed medical device manufacturer.
  • There is currently no certification according to relevant standards.
  • The nature of the raw material or the finished product is not designed to ensure comprehensive protection against viruses and/or bacteria.

In addition, the masks can also be purchased at filzwelt by BWF Group, Hofgasse 12, 89312 Günzburg, Germany.

For commercial enquiries regarding our prophylactic hygiene masks, please contact . Please note: while stocks last; supplies limited.

The BWF Safety Guard spit and sneeze protection

The »BWF Safety Guard« spit and sneeze protection from BWF Profiles provides an additional barrier against corona and flu viruses, preventing them from spreading faster.

Spuck- und Niesschutz BWF Profiles Safety Guard

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