BWF Profiles Linse mit Querprismatik

Lenses with cross-embossed structure
A new dimension of overall glare reduction

The lower the UGR value, the lower is the psychological glare rate. Often, it turns out to be rather difficult to achieve the perfect UGR values for specific applications. We, however, can offer a solution – today we are not only able to apply embossed structures on flat and normal profiles, but also on linear lenses. With this possibility at hand, a completely new range of design possibilities can be realised with regards to directing the light.

Using our cross-embossed lens, the UGR value of your luminaire can be reduced by 3 compared to standard lenses, which can also be seen in the light distribution curves.

How can we achieve the overall glare reduction? The lens reduces the glare perpendicular to the length of the luminaire and the corresponding cross-embossed structure reduces the glare lengthwise.

Light distribution curve for lenses without cross-embossed structure

Without cross-embossed structure


Light distribution curve for with cross-embossed structure

With cross-embossed structure




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