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Quality & Environment at BWF Group

High demands for our products and actions

Quality standards are anchored at the very core of the BWF Group - they are what drive us and set us apart. This begins with selecting raw materials, and continues up to the final goods inspection before delivery.

We spare no effort in this respect, regularly calling in independent external bodies to audit our sites in Germany and abroad for quality, environmental, occupational health and safety management, and maintaining those sites' certification according to ISO. You can find more detailed information and certifications for download in the appropriate company division: BWF Envirotec , BWF Protec , BWF Feltec , BWF Profiles .

Our Responsibility

Our employees are the basis of our success. What does this mean for us as BWF Group? Education as the basis for professional growth. What do we understand by this? We are committed to long-term partnerships. How do we implement this? We care for our natural conditions. How do we put this into practice? You will find the answers in our sustainability statement on the topics of employees, education, society and the environment.

125 years BWF Group anniversary statement

Why has the BWF Group been so successful for 125 years?

Our social and ecological responsibility is not only an essential duty but a great chance to develop BWF Group for the next generation in a sustainable and prosperous way.

Philipp v. Waldenfels, Managing Partner BWF Group

Our contribution to a clean environment

Regionally Based World Leaders.
For us, being regionally based means working for and with local interests and the environment in mind. Filters from BWF Envirotec already contribute actively to a cleaner environment around the world. In our production and work processes, too, we attach great importance to operating in an environmentally friendly manner and taking ecological guidelines into account. To this end, we participate in various initiatives. Find out more below.

Generating power via hydropower and photovoltaics

For more than 120 years, electricity has been generated from hydropower in a CO2-neutral way. The current water turbine with generator was completely renovated in 2016, the output was optimised and now supplies 10% of the electricity required at our Offingen site. Photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of our production halls also work towards an environmentally and climate-friendly power supply, contributing around 600 kW (approx. 5% of our requirements).

Cogeneration plant and heat recovery

The highly efficient, coupled generation of electricity and heat covers around 50% of our Offingen site's electricity needs, and part of its heating requirements. In addition to hot water, steam is also produced for production and heating purposes. By means of an air and heat recovery procedure, we can recover and reuse up to 20% of the energy used, depending on the process. This reduces our consumption of natural gas, and thus also CO2 emissions.

Energy management system

The BWF Group is actively involved in energy management. Within this framework, we have made continual improvements to energy performance and energy efficiency. In addition, the BWF Group's participation in the Energy Efficiency Network Bavaria 2015 makes it an active force in achieving the climate and energy policy goals of the Federal Republic of Germany.

BWF Group Environmental Management System

Our environmental management system ensures that we meet all environmentally relevant requirements, such as emission values. This ensures the continuous improvement of all environmentally relevant processes.

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