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Absolute filters
Elements of the final filtration stage in ventilation systems

The classification of clean rooms and other controlled work environments is specified in demanding technical standards. Therefore the filters used there must meet the highest standards of performance and effectiveness.

Filtration class:

H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, U15 acc. standards:

  • EN 1822:2009

Standard dimensions:

Frame dimensions (width x height):

  • 305 x 305 mm

  • 305 x 610 mm

  • 457 x 457 mm

  • 610 x 610 mm

Frame thickness:

  • 68, 78, 150, 292 mm


Waterproof paper is made from high efficiency fibreglass, formed of micro-fibreglass wrap and a mixture of synthetic fibres.


Filter made from pleated materials is called minipleat. Depending on the type, it can be separated by an aluminium foil separator or cotton threads separator, or glue. Filter medium is placed in an MDF frame (wooden board), made from aluminium or galvanised sheet. Normally, from the front of the frame an elastic polyurethane seal is placed.

Technical data absolute filters:

Frame thickness mm 78 150 292
Minipleat thickness mm 58 120 120
Type 610 x 610 mm m³/h 670 1920 1920
Type 305 x 610 mm m³/h 335 950 950
Type 305 x 305 mm m³/h 155 440 440
Initial pressure drop Pa 150 250 250
Recommended final pressure drop Pa 450 550 550
Max. permissible operating temperature °C 80 80 80


Used as final stage filters in air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Used in many sectors such as: medicine, chemical industry, pharmacological industry and many others where high air quality is required.

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