Pulse jet filter bags
made of needle felt and glass fibre fabric

BWF Envirotec designs its filter bags to meet the individual requirements of the given dust removal process. That way customers are assured the best technical solution for their filter systems.

Custom built filter bags from BWF Envirotec

We supply filter bags for a wide range of filter systems and applications, together with the appropriate supporting cages. Filter media and surface finish are designed specifically to match your filtration process.

BWF Envirotec filter bags stand for unsurpassed filtration performance. They are characterised by very low emission values. Excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistances, as well as easy cleaning are further advantages.

As always, we focus on ensuring the maximum performance of your filter system.

  • Our application technology allows for individual consideration of the customer's filtration process.
  • Required emission values
  • Required service life
  • A selection of the best filter medium and filter bags

Filter bag designs at glance

  • Sturdy filter bag head: featuring snap ring, cord, ring or cut edge head design: separate or integrated top, head mounting piece with reinforcements and grounding wire
  • Hose designed for improved stability, with stiffening rings for cageless constructions
  • High quality seam designed for lowest emissions: Sewn, welded, with additional PTFE seam seal
  • Floor construction for mechanical robustness and extended service life: With reinforced floor covering, double-layered bottom

8 reasons to use BWF Envirotec filter bags
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Over 50 years' experience in industrial filtration and filter bag production.

Product diversity

2,100 Standard products and 17,000 worldwide applications available at the click of a mouse.

On-site worldwide

15 Production and sales locations and a global network of partners means that we always speak our customers' language.

Market leader

Our industrial filters benefit from continual research and development: All finishes are applied in our R&D competence centre.

Transparent process chain

At BWF Envirotec, all products are manufactured in-house in a continuous process chain: Filter medium - filter bag - service - everything from a single source and company.

All-round service

Whether it's assembly, commissioning, maintenance, repair or optimisation - we service filter bags for a wide range of reasons, but with only one goal in mind: Your total satisfaction.

Complete support

Professional support beginning with the first consultation - our sales department and application technology stay by your side in word and deed throughout the entire process.

On site trainings

The BWF Envirotec Training Academy offers customers basic and practical seminars either on our premises, or directly on site.

FAQs on filter bags from BWF Envirotec:

A filter bag is filtration technology for filtering dust in a baghouse. It separates dust, harmful substances and also products from gas flows.

With over 50 years of experience, BWF Envirotec is the leading manufacturer of filter media and filter bags for dedusting processes in the processing industry.

Filter bags consist of needle felt or fabrics made of synthetic fibres. The needle felt is optimally adjusted for the application case at hand.

Filter bags are used for dust removal processes and for filtering waste gas and exhaust air in industrial plants. They make it possible to comply with the legal limits for (fine) dust emission and thus ensure clean air.

The internal support fabric gives the filter bag additional strength that makes both frequent bag cleaning and a long service life possible.

Product lines from BWF Envirotec
The right filter for every conceivable dedusting application

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