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What is colour?
Immerse yourself in the world of colour metrics 

We identify colours in our environment from an early age, and quickly grow accustomed to them: Many children can name colours shortly after they have learned to speak. We are surrounded by colours, and perceive them constantly. Even though they are an essential part of everyday life, we cannot describe colours precisely in and of themselves.

Our colour perception can be influenced by:

  • One's colour environment
  • What we looked at before
  • Food / drink / medication
  • Gender / age

Our dye metric system allows us to guarantee the objective evaluation of colours, whereby subjective visual colour impressions are converted into objective numerical values. This aids the visual sampling process by introducing technically comprehensible parameters, while also providing a clear basis for discussion.

We prefer to evaluate data with the "CMC" and "CIElLab" colour systems, with the "CMC" colour system the most common system for colour difference perception in the textile industry.

To measure differences in colour, the following key figures are taken into account, among others:

  • Difference in brightness
  • Difference in shade
  • Difference in colour saturation
BWF Feltec colour card design felt
BWF Feltec colour card design felt
BWF Feltec colour card design felt