Team Research and Development

Our research and development team
An essential factor in our company's success

Our team of highly qualified employees provides the crucial pillar on which our innovative strength rests. With high-tech equipment befitting of a technical institute, our team focuses on basic research, product development and analytical methods. The combination of expert knowledge with state-of-the-art laboratory and equipment technologies keeps us at the cutting edge of both science and technology. It is also how we guarantee and improve our customers' success.

Benefit from our capabilities:

Pilot station for carding

  • Fibre polymers
  • Laboratory production
  • Sample examinations

Chemical and textile-physical tests

  • Fibre composition
  • Authenticity checks
  • Tensile strength tests
  • Light and scanning electron microscope methods


Colour formulations

Process engineering

We work closely with our research team to find solutions for future challenges. In the course of its work, the team develops, tests and prototypes various fibre blends, new colour formulations and/or innovative finishes for practical use.

BWF Feltec Laboratory
BWF Feltec Laboratory
BWF Feltec Laboratory