Desk divider
Optical and acoustic partitions

The acoustically effective partition wall provides not only a physical but also a sound-absorbing barrier in the room.

Areas of application:

  • Interior
  • Acoustics
  • Office

colorPAD® desk divider Flat
Work undisturbed

With our table top wall, you can reduce the sound and noise level at the workplace and improve the reverberation time in the office. Match the colour of the desk dividers to your office furnishings and create a comfortable atmosphere in the office!

colorPAD® desk divider Stripes
Work undisturbed

Advantages of colorPAD® desk divider:

  • Absorbs formaldehyde from the room air
  • Sound shielding and sound absorption
  • Wool felt surface and acoustic core
  • Design Stripes: positioning also on round edges


lanaSONIC® frame
Improve room climate

Our desk dividing walls not only improve speech intelligibility and reduce disruptive noise, but also create privacy screens, preserving the privacy of individual employees.

Advantages of lanaSONIC® desk divider:

  • Improves the air quality in the room
  • With pure new wool felt
  • Sound shielding and sound absorption
  • Highly effective acoustic core

polySONIC® frame
Create acoustic barrier

Our table top walls significantly increase the acoustic comfort of a workplace and improve the ability to concentrate.

Advantages of polySONIC® desk divider:

  • sound shielding and sound absorption
  • exclusive Design
  • wipeable surface
  • solvent-free


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With our panels you can achieve optimal acoustics in all areas.

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