polysonic fr 3D wall panel

Acoustic elements with sound and pollutant-absorbing properties

A great variety of colours and creative designs make our acoustic panels a stylish addition to any room, and a highlight for any architect or planner.


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Highly effective sound- and pollutant-absorbing acoustic panels

With our innovative colorPAD®, peace and quiet return to the open-plan office, hotel, restaurant and home. Winners of the Interior Innovation Award, our acoustic panels are highly flexible and easily integrated into ceiling systems, on the wall or freely suspended, either horizontally or vertically. Once installed, they reliably absorb sound and pollutants while also making a strong optical impact. The colorPAD® is unique for its pollutant absorption properties. This is due to the high-quality wool felt used in every panel.

Acoustic panels for wall and ceiling

colorPAD® panel advantages: 

  • excellent sound absorption
  • increased productivity due to a quiet working environment
  • pollutant degradation (formaldehyde)
  • unmistakable look due to extraordinary 3D optics
  • large variety of colours and designs


Desk devider panels
Acoustic panels for the desk

Our versatile colorPAD® desk devider panels make for effective workplace design, while our acoustic panels are sure to pair well with your office furniture and provide pleasant acoustics even in the noisiest areas. Of course, this also applies to open-plan offices. Our desk devider panels mean greater productivity and a better quality of life, among other things by creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

colorPAD table top panels

BWF Feltec desk devider panel advantages:

  • sound-absorbing
  • straightforward assembly
  • large range of colours
  • pollutant degradation (formaldehyde)

polySONIC® fr 3D
Acoustic panels made of synthetic polymers

The textile surface of our polySONIC® fr 3D not only enhances a room's appearance; it also guarantees optimum acoustics by simultaneously dispersing and absorbing sound. Made from synthetic polymers, our polySONIC® fr 3D panels also distinguish themselves for their flame retardant properties.

polySONIC fr 3D acoustic panels

polySONIC® fr 3D panel advantages:

  • flame-retardant according to DIN EN 13501 - B - s1, d0
  • optimal sound diffusion
  • sturdy and durable
  • large range of colours
  • washable


floraSONIC® 3D
Sound diffusing acoustic panels

Produced from renewable raw materials, floraSONIC® 3D is biodegradable and saves resources, while setting tasteful accents for the wall or ceiling. Our floraSONIC® 3D panels ensure ideal sound diffusion.

floraSONIC acoustic panel

floraSONIC® 3D panel advantages:

  • biodegradable
  • bio-based
  • sound-absorbing
  • sound-diffusing effect
  • individually dyeable


colorpad suspended ceiling panel
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