BWF Feltec undercollar felt MAVICOL

Pricked undercollar felt

Felt qualities are processed by our subsidiary BWF Feltec in Italy into MAVICOL, our premium product. MAVICOL is an undercollar material pricked with original Irish linen or cotton and distributed exclusively by BWF Feltec, Italy.

MAVICOL is mainly used in the high fashion sector.

The unique combination of linen and wool felt makes MAVICOL truly unique. Our felt qualities UCK 50, UCK 70 and UBC 15 are pricked with black, white and cream linen. OFFITEX® OLS can be cut both crosswise and lengthwise.

MAVICOL advantages:

  • designed for high quality jackets
  • high wool content
  • large range of colours
  • fine collar edges
  • printed on request

MAVICOL qualities:

  • N - Silver
  • R - Gold
  • E - Platin
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