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Wool felts for better acoustics

Have you seen? All of our silentec® acoustic products ,whether they are acoustic panels, table top panels or wall and furniture coverings, are made of high-quality wool felt and help to reduce exposure to interior noise and pollutants. Take a look at a selection of our references in the field of acoustics and see for yourself.

colorPAD® - the acoustic panel from BWF Feltec

Reduce noise levels and pollutants in your surroundings! How, you're wondering? With colorPAD® acoustic panels from BWF Feltec, of course. Our acoustic felt wall panels worked wonders for one local company, for example: Employees at Robatherm in Jettingen can now work and dine in peace, against an acceptable level of background noise. Our acoustic panels reduce the level of noise and pollutants in interior spaces considerably. This also leads to a noticeable improvement in people's well-being thanks to a variety of benefits.

Our colorPAD® acoustic panels come in various standard colours, allowing for individualised colour accents on ceilings and walls. More colours available on request.

Downloads for colorPAD®:

colorPAD wall panel acoustic
colorPAD wall panel acoustic

colorPAD® wall and ceiling panels, by BWF Feltec

When mounted on walls and ceilings, our colorPAD® acoustic panels have also restored calm in the following areas. Take inspiration from our wide range of products, and soak up the atmosphere.

silentec acoustic solutions open-plan office
colorPAD ceiling panels acoustic
colorPAD meeting room ceiling panel
colorPAD acoustic wall panel

colorPAD® table top panels from BWF Feltec

Are you looking to redesign your workplace?

Here you can find out more about another one of our international projects - this time in Taiwan,  where the customer opted for our versatile table top panels.

Create pleasant acoustics while improving productivity and overall quality of life.

desk deviders colorPAD open-plan office
desk deviders colorPAD open-plan office
desk deviders colorPAD open-plan office
desk deviders colorPAD open-plan office

polySONIC® fr and floraSONIC® 

The latest from BWF Feltec: polySONIC® fr and floraSONIC® may belong to the same product family, but their manufacturing methods set them apart. polySONIC® fr consists of synthetic polymers characterised by their flame retardant properties, while floraSONIC® is made of renewable raw materials that are biodegradable and therefore conserve resources.

Our products ensure optimum acoustics by simultaneously dispersing and absorbing sound, which considerably reduces noise levels.

Try it out yourself and create pleasant acoustics in your surroundings!

Fiber ceiling with polySONIC® white at the Design Post Cologne

Tools, know-how and network in the interior design sphere - the Design Post Cologne has been supporting all this since 2006. The Design Post showroom serves as a platform for supporting and strengthening design brands.

acousticpearls is a company that specializes in high-quality design products in the field of acoustics and has its own showroom at the Design Post Köln. In the "Fiber Ceiling" series, which was developed by acoustipearls, our polySONIC® fr white from the silentec® family is used, among others. True to the motto "Design follows acoustics", acousticpearls combines acoustics and light in a highly functional and aesthetic way!

Fiber Ceiling Design Post acousticpearls
Fiber Ceiling Design Post acousticpearls
Fiber Ceiling Design Post acousticpearls

Further information about polySONIC® fr and floraSONIC® for download:

floraSONIC 3D acoustic panels
polySONIC 3D acoustic panels

LE 100 acoustic felt by BWF Feltec as a wall and furniture covering

Our 100% wool furniture and wall coverings help absorb both sound and pollutants. The wall coverings are natural products that are both sustainable and biodegradable.

Our acoustic felt wall coverings also ensure a homogeneous and reflection-free surface, while their brilliant colours - selected from a vast range of options - underscore the effect.

A world of colour for LE 100, available as download:

Interior design using LE 100 for an office building in Warsaw

We are always looking to bring out the best in our surroundings, as in this eye-catching project in Warsaw that used our LE 100 acoustic felt. In this case, a selection of customer-specific shades of blue and various patterns made the office area a real eye-catcher.

office wall covering wool felt
office wall covering wool felt
office wall covering wool felt
office wall covering wool felt

Wall covering using LE 100 in Harpa Opera House

Another exciting project that took advantage of our LE 100  acoustic felt wall coverings was the Harpa Opera and Concert House in Reykjavík, Iceland, which opened in 2011. We supplied over 3,000 m² of design felt in various thicknesses and colours for the project. In addition to wall coverings, our felt can also be found as a cover in balcony boxes.

The building houses both the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Opera, and is considered an architectural attraction in its own right, in addition to being a landmark of the capital.

Concert House Harpa Island wall covering felt


Here you can find a complete overview of our silentec® acoustic products as a download:

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