Timeless clip profiles and more

BWF Profiles offers a wide range of thermoplastics including PMMA, PC, PS, ABS and ASA. Depending on the profile cross-section, we can offer many options. With or without prismatics, coloured, curved or coiled on rolls - your individual requirements can be realised through in-house know-how.

Our own colour laboratory  offers a wide range of design possibilities:

  • realisation of almost all colour requests
  • fine tuning of surface roughness
  • adjustment of photometric properties

Thus, a cross-section can be extruded in clear, diffuse or opaque. The same profile can also be covered with a different surface, e.g. satin or smooth. With suitable cross-sections, these can also be embossed afterwards.


  • production of different variants for different applications from one tool
  • individual lengths possible 

  • partly also possible to coil; up to 200 m on one roll
  • recyclable mono-extrusion profiles
  • wide selection from standard catalogue without additional tool costs


  • linear lighting systems
  • blank covers
  • POS and display

Innovative Example of Mono-Extrusion:

2 Profiles - 6 Possibilities

standard program

Further information in our standard catalogue for download

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