Plastic products lighting architecture and facades

Architecture and building façades

Targeted light from BWF Profiles for staging and environmental responsibility

Light pollution plays a significant role these days. In order to counteract this, intelligent lighting solutions are required that both set the scene and conserve resources. Solutions for directing light are needed. At BWF Profiles, we support you in meeting all the requirements for use outdoors and of your customers. Convince yourself.

Special requirements for our BWF Profiles products in the field of architecture and building façades

  • Impact resistance and UV resistance (weather resistance)
  • Brilliant transparency e.g. for clear and distinct projection of images
  • Targeted light control through the use of extruded lenses or prisms
  • Joint development in determining the focal points, such as a concept for subsequent on-site assembly at your customer’s site
  • Extensive material tests, fire protection tests, lifetime simulations and wind tunnel tests
Use of plastic profiles in architecture

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Plastic products lighting architecture and facades
Plastic products lighting architecture and facades
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