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BWF optX – never-ending possibilities

Creativity knows no limits

Just imagine – giving free rein to creativity while simultaneously stimulating the imagination and a wealth of ideas. Alongside you, we create unlimited opportunities in the field of lighting with plastic profiles , sheets , tubes , optical foils , thermoformed parts and injection-moulded parts from BWF Profiles.

In an initial step, we have given our never-ending possibilities a new name:
our BWF optX brand!

BWF optX – the origin
Diverse lighting technology combination options

How did this name come about?
opt stands for optimal and the X stands for X or unlimited opportunities!

BWF optX has been designed according to the building-block principle and includes a multitude of our products. When these different products are combined with one another, new products are created entirely in line with your wishes.

By experimenting, trying things out and brainstorming, something new is developed: the result of never-ending lighting technology combination options.

BWF optX lettering

Immerse yourself in the BWF optX combination options:

Light-diffusing foils in public buildings

Use of light-diffusing foils

Excellent light diffusion without visible hotspots

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Plastic profiles in industrial halls

Use of prismatic structures to direct light

Optimum glare control in the workplace

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Use of extruded plastic profiles in elevators

Use of covers for strip lights

Homogeneous light for the way up and down

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