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Your specialist for thermoformed and injection moulded plastic parts

Experience, tradition and innovation – BWF Thermoforms stands for all of these things! For over 50 years, we have offered our customers competent and all-encompassing support for everything from the initial idea to the install-ready product in relation to the construction and production of thermoformed plastic housings, high-quality visible parts, plastic covers and technical functional parts.

Large shapes and sharp-edged details

Warming, thermoforming, cooling and demoulding – how does it all work? Using our ultra-modern machines in Offingen and Geretsried, we produce individual thermoformed parts of injection moulded quality for customers in line with their thoughts and ideas.

We distinguish between two types of processes:
negative and positive thermoforming

BWF Thermoforms Process description Thermoforming process

The process

  • A. Heating to warm up the sheet
  • B. The plastic sheet is warmed
  • C. Negative/positive tool
  • D. Using a vacuum, the sheet is....
        D1. drawn into the tool
        D2. drawn across the tool
  • E. Cooling in the mould and demoulding

        Removal of the moulded part


Tool construction
Decades of know-how

Our in-house tool construction offers the opportunity for the construction and milling of tools in line with the customer’s wishes. Thanks to decades of experience in the construction and manufacturing of thermoforming tools, we offer you the highest quality and the shortest delivery times.

As a result of our special tool technology, complex requirements including undercuts, moulded logos and lettering, various surfaces, as well as detents and snap hooks can be realised. Thanks to the undercuts in the tool, precise edges can be moulded, which ensure that housing halves, for instance, finish flush and accurately. In addition, this technology enables accurate combinations consisting of several thermoformed parts .

BWF Thermoforms Tool construction

CNC milling
Individual processing

From small numbers of items to medium batches or mass processing: using our ultra-modern, high-performance 5-axis CNC machines we process your plastic products individually in line with your wishes. Even complex geometries can be milled without any problems.

BWF Thermoforms CNC milling

Full service with the utmost precision

In addition to processing on CNC machines, BWF Thermoforms offers a variety of different manual machining options:

  • ­­Addition of threaded inserts

  • Pre-assembly of component groups
  • Gluing of fastening elements
  • Punching
  • Bending
  • Ultrasonic welding
BWF Thermoforms Processing and assembly

Final control and packaging
Total quality control

Each of our thermoformed and injection moulded parts is subject to cleaning and a thorough visual inspection by our employees prior to dispatch.

The parts are then pre-packaged according to your specifications. We also gladly accept individual packaging requirements.

BWF Thermoforms Final control

Application areas
Ideas take shape

Thermoformed parts and injection moulded parts from BWF Thermoforms are used in the fields of mechanical and apparatus engineering, medical engineering, measurement and electrical engineering, air conditioning technology, automotive engineering and lighting.

thermoformed parts mechanical apparatus engineering

Mechanical and apparatus engineering

Panelling for beverage vending machines

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BWF Thermoforms Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Thermoformed front cover and trim parts

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Thermoformed parts for air conditioning systems

Air conditioning technology

Housing for living space ventilation systems

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Thermoformed parts for medical applications

Medical engineering

Thermoformed plastic housings for high-quality medical devices

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See the BWF Thermoforms process video here: