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Optical foils Light-diffusing foils


Creating lighting experiences together

What can the term “lighting” be understood to mean? Lighting refers to the creation of light using an artificial source and the making visible of objects that do not light themselves.

How can we help you to create optimal lighting?
Alongside efficiency, costs and installation work, light directing, diffusion and glare control are critical to the outcome.

Light directing
Focusing on our customers at all times

Light directing refers to the targeted control of the light by means of lenses and reflectors and is used above all to exploit daylight optimally or to avoid annoying reflective glare, for instance. Do you have an application where the light distribution needs to be adjusted because the Lambertian emission characteristics of the light sources do not lead to the desired results? The designing of light optics by means of simulation software often reveals various solutions.

TIR lenses, Fresnel optics, reflective surfaces and embossing for light glare control in profile extrusion deliver a toolkit that offers lots of possibilities that could not be realised until recently.

We are happy to provide advice and to work with you to find the right solution for your concern! Together we can realise light distribution, even when it takes an unusual form. Discover BWF Profiles solutions that have already been realised.

Visible hotspots are yesterday’s news

What do excellent light diffusion and the highest transmission have in common? We have expanded our product range for you! In addition to our light-diffusing plastic sheets and our BWF premiumLIGHT, we offer diffuse-scattering foils as rolls, in our standard format or in customer-specific variants.

Our diffusion foils transform spot-shaped light sources into surfaces providing even and pleasant lighting while also ensuring maximum light output. In addition, our light-diffusing foils are ideal for cutting and thermoforming. Whether in our in-house processing centre or through individual production by our subsidiary BWF Thermoforms , we can offer the perfect solution for any application.

You can also combine our light-diffusing foils with our profile and sheet range to set the scene as first-class in your premises! Whether for modern lighting concepts, usually with tiny LED light sources, or flat light systems, our three film variants always provide perfect illumination.

Optical foils Light-diffusing foils

Glare control
Shaped by the wishes of our customers

Our colleagues from the Innovation and Development area have increasingly focused their attention on the sector’s lighting technology requirements and have converted this freshly acquired knowledge into innovative ideas. We are continuously improving our embossing technology and can now emboss not only flat profiles, sheets and standard profiles but also profiles with linear lens systems. This means that we can fulfil your requirements with respect to low glare control values, leading to completely new design options in light control.

The optimal light technology structure of the BWF diamondPRISM® sheet offers diamond-like lighting brilliance and even more sophisticated glare control thanks to our improved embossing technology.

NEW – Using a cross-embossed lens, the UGR value of the light is reduced by 3 in comparison with normal lenses, generating all-round glare control. Are you wondering how? The lens reduces the glare perpendicular to the light and the associated cross-embossing reduces the glare lengthwise.

Lenses with cross embossed-structure

Dynamic or 360 degrees

In addition to our wide variety of products, thanks to our large processing centre we offer the opportunity to have your plastic profiles individually shaped and transformed into dynamic lines of light. Set modern accents and highlights with us! The latest addition to our skillset is 360° bent profiles. Your elements no longer have to be made up of individual parts but can now be bent as a whole. The benefit of this is that it reduces visible edges. In addition, the improvement in our process means that we can now bend radiuses starting from just 300 mm for you.

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