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A match for any weather

With our products and materials , you are equipped for any weather! Are you looking for impact-resistant materials or gaskets? Are UV stability and colourfastness during long-term use important to you?

BWF Profiles is your perfect partner! We are happy to offer advice on the choice of the most suitable plastic product for your use-case.

UV stability
Optimally protected from solar radiation

Outdoors, your products are exposed to an average of around 4,500 hours of daylight per year in Germany. Whether in facade construction, external lighting, car parks, parking facilities, street lighting or other light installations, there is always UV radiation, which is why UV resistance plays a key role in any outdoor application.

Impact-resistant polymethyl methacrylate (impact-resistant PMMA) is by nature a material that offers optimal protection against conventional UV radiation and perfectly stages your plastic product for years without any yellowing or loss of colourfastness. Polycarbonate (PC) offers similar benefits when equipped with our UV layer. In addition, thanks to its impact resistance it is ideally suited to use in sports halls, ice rinks, etc.

UV stability Stadium Lille

Colour intensity
Retain an overview at all times

Completely in line with your ideas, we create the colour you want in our in-house colour laboratory. For this purpose, we develop individual material samples in the desired shade for you, which we send to you in advance for inspection and approval. In this way, we guarantee a constant colour even across countless production processes.

For modern, energy-saving lighting concepts with LED technology or for the realisation of very flat, evenly illuminated and efficient light elements, we recommend our BWF colourLED® finish for your material. The characteristics of our BWF colourLED® can be optimally transferred to any colour and material, with scatter properties coordinated with common LED colour temperatures. Our profiles, tubes and sheets, with material formulas developed specifically for high-power LED applications, offer perfect light distribution without visible hotspots for your application.

Colour intensity Petrol station

Impenetrable in every respect

Electronic devices and means of production need to be protected by means of a housing against the penetration of dirt, dust or water, depending on the installation site and conditions. IP requirements have been defined that are dependent on use, and we support you with the fulfilment of these requirements.

Using our production expertise, we are able to jointly extrude both rigid and flexible plastics. These extruded, flexible gaskets prevent the penetration of water and dust and can be integrated in one step thanks to the process, which also results in enormous time savings for you.

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Impact-resistant materials
Creating stability together

Our impact-resistant materials are suitable for any weather and any environment. Whether in the cold and ice, indoors or outdoors, our materials remain permanently strong. Impact-resistant polymethyl methacrylate (impact-resistant PMMA) is optimally suited for outdoor use. For persistent coldness, for example in ice rinks, we recommend polycarbonate (PC) with a corresponding UV layer. This material simultaneously guarantees high stability, which is why it is ideally suited to areas in which vandalism can be expected.

Impact-resistant materials Ice stadium
Gaskets Bathroom

Gaskets in use

Re-experience bathrooms

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Colour intensity Petrol station

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Perfect light diffusion without visible hotspots

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