endless needled belts / endless needle felt belt

Endless Belts
made from needle felt

At the turn of the millennium, we expanded our production range: BWF Protec acquired its first belt needle machine for manufacturing endless needled felt belts. This was replaced in 2014 by a new, highly modern machine.

The special advantages of endless needled belts include:

  • high durability
  • high abrasion resistance
  • a soft surface
  • high tensile strengths
  • low stretch

Applications of our felt belts:

  • BWF EXTRU-LINE® - transport belts for aluminium extrusion
  • belts for sublimation printing

  • conveyor belts in the metalworking industry

  • pasting belts


We offer needled felt belts in the following production range:

Thickness range 5 - 25 mm
special productions up to 70 mm
Density range 0.15 - 0.45 g/cm³
Width up to 2,100 mm
Length 1,780 - 20,000 mm

- pure-grade blend
- fibre blend
- sandwich construction


- one-sided finish
- one-sided colour application

Belt Variants
Extras for needle felt belts

As required, we offer special designs for our endless felt belts.

endless needles belt with metal clipper joint

Additional belt variants:

  • with clipper joints, e.g. for easier assembly
  • with tracking guide
  • with toothed belt


Contact person for technical needle felts
BWF Protec applications of technical needle felts e.g. railway seats
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