endless needled felt tubes and rollers

Endless Felt Tubes & Sealing Rings
for a wide variety of applications

In order to expand and - in the truest sense of the word - round off its product range, in 1995 BWF Protec's Hof production site broadened its production capabilities with a machine for endless needled felt tubes.

Endless tubes and rollers made of needle felt such as BWF EXTRU-LINE® are used e.g. as transport rollers in the aluminium industry, or as filter cartridges for domestic water filters. So-called sealing rings, made of needled felt tubes, are processed in filter bags by BWF Envirotec

Your advantages at a glance:

  • The endless production method for our round needled felt rings means they have no weak points, and are very even.
  • Our endless needled felt tubes feature a soft surface with high durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Operating temperatures up to 550° C


We offer needled felt tubes and rings in the following production range:

Inner diameter 19 - 450 mm
Wall thickness 5 - 14 mm
Density range 0.15 - 0.42 g/cm³
Length up to 2,000 mm

- pure grade blende
- fibre blend
- sandwich construction


hardened with resin treatment (on demand)

Felt Tubes/Rollers
endless needled

As with our yard goods, we process all common synthetic fibres - either pure, as a blend or in sandwich construction.

endless needled felt tubes and rollers

Advantages of endless needled felt tubes include:

  • a soft surface
  • high durability
  • high abrasion resistance


Application areas for our endless tubes and rollers

  • BWF EXTRU-LINE® - Transport rollers for the aluminium and glass industry
  • Needle felt filter cartridges for domestic water filters

Sealing Rings
endless needled

Filter bags intended for industrial filtration require sealing materials to ensure a clean seal. As a convenient solution, BWF Protec offers endless needled sealing rings in appropriate dimensions, and with suitable fibre types.

felt gasket rings for filterbags DCE Buehler Luehr

Advantages of endless sealing rings for use in filter bags include:

  • no weak points
  • highly uniform thickness


Contact person for technical needle felts
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