Commissioning your baghouse
by BWF Envirotec

Commissioning by our BWF Envirotec team lays the foundation for your filters' long service life. Our qualified personnel is at your side throughout every phase of the commissioning process. We take on the entire process for our customers. This begins with pre-coating and ends with a leakage test, ensuring your filters are prepared for the task at hand.

Pre-coating during commissioning by BWF Envirotec

Pre-coating provides physical and chemical protection for your filters, ensuring their optimum initial commissioning.

Physical protection for your filter bags

In pre-coating, an artificial supporting filtration layer (dust cake) is built up on the upstream side of the filter before commissioning occurs with process gas. Essentially, its task is to prevent ultra-fine particles from penetrating into the structure of the synthetic needle felt or fabric. This means that even the strictest limits can be complied with directly after commissioning - something that is otherwise only achieved after several days of operation, by gradually building up the filter cake.

Prevent acid attacks through chemical protection

Filter aids with absorbent properties also provide additional chemical protection by binding acidic flue gas components and preventing an initial acid attack on the filter medium, supporting cages or baghouse.

The UV leakage test: An essential part of commissioning at BWF Envirotec

Our UV leakage test provides a quick and accurate way to locate leaking areas on filter bags and the metal structure.

We perform UV leakage tests when:

  • Commissioning newly installed filter systems
  • Changing the filter
  • Performing regular maintenance
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