Light-directing sheets
Pointing your light in the right direction

We develop light-directing plastic sheets for individual areas of application. BWF diamondPRISM® and BWF linearPRISM sheets from BWF Profiles provide even light distribution for our customers. Various prismatic structures in the sheets ensure optimum light control.

Advantages of light-directing sheets

  • High glare control
  • High-precision, photometrically optimal structure
  • Versatile use, e.g. monitor workstations
  • High transmission

Versatile applications for our light-directing sheets

  • Floor lamps
  • Suspended lamps
  • Ceiling panels

BWF diamondPRISM® sheet
Diamond-like brilliance

The near ideal photometrics of BWF's diamondPRISM® sheets provide diamond-like brilliance and perfect glare control. Their diamond-like prismatic structure results in a completely new design. Despite high-precision edges, the inverse structure of BWF diamondPRISM®avoids predetermined breaking points.

Advantages of BWF diamondPRISM® sheets

  • For lighting purposes UGR < 19
  • Suitable for computer workstations (WS)
  • Uniform, all-round glare control in all C-levels
  • Unique degree of transmission
  • No directly visible lamp reflection
  • Uni-directional structure gives for a uniform appearance
  • Individually tinted design ensures high glare control and superior efficiency
  • Optimised lighting technology thanks to a clearly defined lamp orientation


An all-rounder when it comes to light-directing sheets

Featuring high-precision, linear prismatics, our sheets are truly versatile, providing excellent glare control and light distribution.

Advantages of BWF's linearPRISM sheet

  • For lighting purposes up to UGR 16
  • Suitable for computer workstations (WS)
  • Excellent glare control and light distribution
  • Can be effectively combined with clear, prismatic or satin profiles
  • Unique degree of transmission
  • Very high transparency
  • Linear lengthwise or crosswise structure for a proven appearance
  • Can be combined with all prism sheets
  • Improve the efficiency of existing lamps


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