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LEDs have also become an integral part of cabin lighting in the civil aviation industry. BWF Profiles, a pioneer in the "free" extrusion of plastic profiles, offers innovative solutions to optimise precise light control in aircraft cabins. From large-area illumination to targeted directional lighting - BWF Profiles relies on extruded plastic profiles to meet the increasing demands placed on modern aircraft lighting.

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BWF Profiles not only supplies plastic profiles to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the aviation industry, but also works with customers to develop retrofit solutions for aircraft lighting. The modernisation of cabin lighting on board can range from the replacement of conventional fluorescent tubes with energy-efficient LED lights to the integration of intelligent lighting systems to improve performance, efficiency or function.

Homogeneous lighting ensures a pleasant atmosphere on board, even on long flights. In addition, lightweight and compact plastic profiles help to reduce weight and thus save valuable resources. However, the well-being of passengers and crew always comes first. Standards and regulations lay down strict requirements to ensure safety in the aircraft cabin and beyond. BWF Profiles ensures compliance with these requirements and offers numerous options for realising individual customer wishes. We will be happy to advise you on the right solution for your project.

Special requirements for lighting in aviation
Optimised plastic profile solutions from BWF Profiles

Plastic profiles in aviation
Advantages and specific properties compared to aluminium profiles

  • Lightweight: Plastic profiles are often lighter than aluminium profiles, resulting in potential weight savings that can improve the fuel efficiency of the aircraft.

  • Design flexibility: Plastics can be easily moulded, allowing for a variety of design options. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to integrating lighting components into complex cabin structures.

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