Wool felt yard goods
Wool felts and design felts made of 100% wool

Whether used for bags, cases, decorative articles, place mats, runners, coasters, key rings, shoes, curtains or carpets - our natural products made of 100% wool enrich your everyday life! Wool and design felts can be combined particularly well with other natural materials such as leather or cowhide. Our high-quality wool felts are also used as wall coverings for interior design.

We manufacture our wool felts exclusively in Germany.

We regularly inspect and test our products for quality. We stay up to date with our ISO and eco certifications, as a matter of course.

Advantages of wool and design felts:

  • biodegradable
  • "flame-retardant" classification according to DIN EN 13501-1
  • pure new wool
  • homogeneous, reflection-free surface
  • brilliant colours
  • soft, flowing fabric appearance
  • smooth, non-fraying cut edges

LE 100
100% wool felt

Our wool felt LE 100 is available from stock in thicknesses of 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm. In addition to a wide range of colours, by request our in-house colour laboratory is also happy to create a colour of your choice. Interior design and public buildings often require products with classification according to DIN EN 13501-1. With the appropriate finishes, our LE 100 is also available with classification B-s2,d0. Classified for direct installation on mineralic ground and for free-hangig application.

Wool felt yard goods - application areas LE 100:

  • interior design
  • acoustics
  • lifestyle
  • applied arts
  • toys


100% wool felt

Our design felt SUPRA is also made of 100% wool, but is slightly lighter and thinner than the LE 100. SUPRA is available from stock in various thicknesses up to a maximum of 2 mm. Due to a wide range of colours and a variety of finishing options, SUPRA is a highly versatile material. We are happy to make customer-specific colour settings, simply ask!

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Application areas SUPRA:

  • interior design
  • acoustics
  • lifestyle
  • applied arts
  • toys
  • decoration

Wool felt yard goods - colour and design felts at the highest level

We have been living the fascination of felt for over 125 years. BWF Feltec offers a unique variety of products as well as function-enhancing finishing options for classic wool felt, supplemented by needle felts made of natural and synthetic fibers. Highly compressed, coloured or mottled, in a variety of thicknesses and compositions, BWF Feltec's colour and design felts are true objects of art. Our team of specialists manufactures tailor-made products for you and your individual applications. The research and development department accompanies the complete product development process of the wool felt yard goods from the first idea to the production.

In addition, we offer various function-enhancing finishes and coatings for our products:

  • flame retardant
  • water repellent / dirt repellent
  • sweat resistant / saliva resistant
  • lightfast / tarnish resistant (AS III)
  • low shrinkage
  • moth-proof
  • non-slip
  • anti-bacterial
  • humidity protection
  • stiffened

Our wool felt roll goods meet exclusive demands!

Our high-quality wool felt roll goods meet the most exclusive demands. The raw materials we use, wool and viscose, are biodegradable. As a result, our felts are ecologically harmless from production to disposal. In addition, our entire range is manufactured exclusively in Germany. We always pay attention to the quality of our products, which is permanently controlled. All ISO and OEKO-TEX certifications are always up to date with us.

We are here for you!

We are a successful, medium-sized, family-owned company with a long tradition. The permanent further development of our services as well as a sustainable production are especially close to our hearts. With passion we work on your projects to inspire you. Through competent and attentive consultation, we offer you a comprehensive overall offer at any time.

FAQs about wool felt yard goods from BWF Feltec

BWF Feltec can produce e.g. flame retardant, water/dirt repellent, sweat/saliva resistant, lightfast, non-slip, antibacterial, tropicalised or moth-proof wool felt.

Pure sheep's wool is bonded together by the action of moisture, pressure, friction and heat to create a stable, biodegradable and natural textile composite. Subsequent fulling densifies the wool felt to the desired strength.

BWF Feltec offers the possibility to dye and produce wool felt by the meter in a wide range of colours.

For example, for cases, bags, key rings, decorative items, curtains, coasters, placemats, rugs, runners or even shoes.

In addition to wool content and quality, there are official ISO, OEKO-Tex and environmental certifications that attest to production in accordance with quality standards.

At BWF Feltec the thickness of the wool felts varies between approx. 1 mm - 10 mm. The standard design felts LE100 are available from stock in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm and a wide range of colours.

More coloured and design felts from BWF Feltec:

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