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Design felts for a model lifestyle

Have you seen? Whether loud or classic, set colourful accents for walls, fashion or accessories: Our design felts offer something for everyone. Take a look at a selection of our references in the field of design and fashion and see for yourself.

Colour felts as a design highlight at the Copenhagen Business School

The Copenhagen Business School chose to work with our colorPRISM colour chart, which is made exclusively of pure wool felts. Consisting of 100% wool, our design felts are a sustainable natural product from production through disposal.

The dizzying variety of available colours didn't make it easy for those responsible at the university. In the end, they selected the colours lime and Bordeaux. Today the choice of colours is a common theme throughout the buildings, making the business school a veritable work of art.

Experience the full spectrum of our colours available in colorPRISM, available here as a download:

Felts for men
Undercollar felts by BWF Feltec

We offer a wide range of undercollar felts for men's clothing. Whether classic, coloured or printed - we produce felt for any season or trend. Different variations are also available for any cutting directions, either lengthwise or crosswise.

Featuring trendy fashionable colours and prints, our designs set us apart from the competition. Stripes, paisley, diamonds, dots and other minimals can all be applied to the felt using a variety of printing techniques. We are always looking to set new accents in the fashion industry in collaboration with renowned fashion companies.

All this makes BWF Feltec an absolute trendsetter in the printed undercollar felt segment!


Wool felt tableware

Our product range includes the right accessories for a perfectly set table: We offer table runners, table sets, coasters, napkin rings and numerous other decorative possibilities, all of which are made of high-quality wool felt and are certain to create the perfect ambience for you and your guests.

There are practically no limits to size, shape and colour creation - whether it is a round, angular, star or flower shape you are looking for, we have your favourite accessories in attractive designs. To help you prepare for a successful get-together, we also offer matching trays with inserts.

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