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In an increasingly noisy world, it is important to create spaces that are peaceful and promote well-being. Loud noises and sound can become a major burden. The acoustic environment has an enormous influence on our physical and mental well-being and is an important factor that contributes significantly to our concentration.

In open-plan offices in particular, creating a pleasant and efficient office atmosphere and room acoustics is essential for performance. With our specialised acoustics consulting, we help you to find the optimum balance between aesthetics and acoustic comfort. Regardless of whether you want to design offices, conference rooms, restaurants or private living areas, we will help you to master the acoustic challenges.

Acoustic consultation procedure
Our service at a glance:

Let's work together to create spaces where sound and design come together in harmony. Contact us today for a comprehensive acoustic consultation and discover the many possibilities that our high-quality felt products can offer.

1. Current situation: For a good estimate of the current situation, we ask you to send us some pictures of the room. It is also helpful for us to know the room size and height in advance. Please send us this information by e-mail.

2. Acoustic analysis: A thorough analysis is then carried out to determine the reverberation time in your rooms.

3. Planning: Every room is different, and it's not just the size that matters, but also things like furniture and room utilisation. This is why we use the results of the calculations to plan a customised solution for you with our sound absorbers.

4. Product advice: You receive a suitable concept in which we recommend the optimum felt products to achieve the desired room acoustics.

5. Customised solutions: Customised acoustic solutions to suit your room and your style. Choose the right solution for you, our acoustic consultant will be happy to help you.

6 Optional installation: We can help you to install the felt products for maximum effectiveness. In any case, you will receive the appropriate accessories or a recommendation for installation from us.

Room acoustics with quality, sustainability and style
Products from BWF Feltec

Wool felt

Our felt products are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. We only produce high-quality wool felt, which not only offers excellent sound absorption, but is also environmentally friendly and durable. Our product range includes acoustic panels, wall coverings, ceiling sails, room dividers and much more. Each product is carefully designed to fulfil the individual needs of our customers.

polySONIC® fr

In addition to our wool felt products, we also produce our acoustic fleece polySONIC® fr, from which we can manufacture acoustically effective panels and moulded parts. The acoustic panels can be individually cut to size depending on the application.

We can also improve the acoustics of your room with customised wall coverings made of wool felt or polySONIC® fr. Here we can fulfil your specific wishes.

Why acoustic counselling is useful:

Our room acoustics consultancy goes beyond simply providing felt products. We understand that every room is unique and consider factors such as room size, furnishings, materials and usage to develop customised solutions. Our professional advice ensures that your rooms not only sound good, but also fulfil your aesthetic requirements.

Your contact for the field of acoustics:

Alexander Fischer
Senior Sales Manager Acoustics

BWF Tec GmbH & Co. KG

Bahnhofstraße 20

89362 Offingen
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