Wool felts
For technical applications

Wool's natural properties also make our felt useful for technical applications in industry: Among other things, as bearing seals, for lubrication, for noise and sound absorption, as a wiper, as a bottom and/or intermediate layer, or as a universal raw material for felt rings and seals. No matter whether an individually manufactured punched part or yard goods, we will supply you with the right wool felt for your application.

We manufacture wool felts with a density ranging between 0.11 g/cm³ - 0.50 g/cm³. Our new wool felts are manufactured exclusively in Germany. We focus on ensuring the highest quality, as well as maintaining valid ISO and Öko-Tex certifications.

Advantages of wool felts for technical applications:

  • biodegradable
  • pure new wool
  • smooth, non-fraying cut edges

Leather felt
Made of pure wool or wool/viscose blends

Leather felt is a versatile all-rounder for industrial applications in the shoe, leather and furniture industries, household appliances, office supplies, steel and rolling technology, as well as in grinding and lapping technology.

Advantages of leather felts:

  • extensive range of densities
  • different thicknesses

  • variable wool content

Saddle felt
Made of wool/viscose blends

Saddle felt is usually more compressed than leather felt and is therefore particularly suitable for upholstery, seat cushions and much more.

Advantages of saddle felt:

  • natural or coloured
  • different thicknesses

  • variable wool content

Lining felt
Made of wool/viscose blends

Lining felt regulates heat and is therefore ideal for the shoe and clothing industry. Its sound-absorbing properties also make it an excellent silencer for the automotive industry.

Lining felt advantages:

  • slightly compressed
  • different thicknesses

  • variable wool content

Upholstery felt
Made of wool/viscose blends

Upholstery felt also has good sound-absorbing properties, and therefore offers a good alternative to lining felt in areas that remain unseen. The wool content is usually between 40% and 60%.

Advantages of upholstery felt:

  • natural or undyed
  • different densities and thicknesses
  • variable wool content

  • inexpensive

Orthopaedic felt
Made of wool/viscose blends

Our felts specially designed for orthopaedic applications are characterised by their low density and optional antibacterial finish.

Advantages of orthopaedic felts:

  • low density
  • individually adjustable thickness
  • variable wool content

  • cutting to size possible

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