Industrial Specials
Technical felts for industry

Have you seen? BWF Feltec offers an extensive and versatile range of industrial felts that can be used for any number of industrial applications. Our technical feltes are used to absorb and dose liquids, and are also used as protection against cold, noise or transport damage. Take a look at a selection of our references in the field of industrial specials and see for yourself.

Polishing felts for surface polishing and cleaning

We recommend polishing felts in different variations and hardnesses when it comes to surface polishing and cleaning for the following industries:

  • Tool maufacture
  • Glass industry
  • Optical goods industry
  • Jewellery industry
  • Dental industry

Areas of application for industrial felt yard goods

From very small to very large: Our industrial felt yard goods can be used for a wide range of applications Discover which industries use our technical felts here:

Music industry

Our technical felts are also at home in the music industry, where they provide damping components for pianos. On the other hand, they are also responsible for the sound.

Furniture industry

You can also find our industrial felts in the furniture industry. Our chair leg sliders protect floors from scratches and damage, and make it easier to move chairs, armchairs or tables. Whether used as simple protection on the underside of chair/table legs or as a design object available in various finishes, our chair leg sliders are sure to please.

Domestic appliances

Domestic appliances are yet another example of our industrial felt's versatility as a yard good. Industrial felts from BWF Feltec are a must here, too. Here our felts serve as a braking system for your dryer, making sure it comes to a standstill once its work is done.

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