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Products for high temperatures and protective equipment

Whether in public transport, at the workplace or industrial surroundings: safety should never be merely an option. With BWF Group products, you opt for the highest in quality and durability to protect your application or environment from heat and flames.

High-temperature applications

BWF Envirotec​​ has developed high-quality filters that can be used in extreme heat. These filters can be used in areas such as high-temperature dedusting. BWF Protec​​ also offers you a selection of heat-resistant products: These range from felt insulation (used in high-temperature furnaces) to belts and rollers made of special felt, such as those used in transport systems, during aluminium extrusion or in the glass industry.

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High Temperature Protective Equipment Fire Protection Occupational Safety

Protective equipment

With felt from the BWF Group, you are on the safe side. Thanks to its natural properties and resistance, BWF Protec​​ needle felt is the ideal material for protective equipment. It is used, for example, as an inner lining in fire brigade and racing suits, or as an extra layer in body armour vests.

Fire protection

You will find a number of applications in our products range that comply with current fire protection regulations. First and foremost, our Fireblocker felts from BWF Protec​​, which are used in seating and suspension systems for public transport and buildings. Other products featuring flame retardant material that has been exhaustively tested include plastic materials from BWF Profiles​​, which can be found in train lighting, or the plastic covers and housings of BWF Thermoforms​​.

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Welding protection technical needle felt

Occupational safety

Especially in craft or industrial companies, occupational safety measures and materials are indispensable. With our certified fine dust filters from​ BWF Envirotec​​, you ensure air quality and effective workplace dedusting at your company. We are also represented in the protective clothing sector by needle felts from ​BWF Protec​​. These are used, amongst other things, in puncture-resistant safety shoes, welding protection mats and protective gloves.

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