Profile with a rubber seal
IP classified for intrusion and moisture protection

Do you need to protect your application from foreign particles and humidity? Your desired IP requirements will be met with these rubber seals for enclosure pieces made of e.g. aluminium.

The possibility of extruding profiles with rubber seals opens up new areas of application for extruded profiles as lighting covers, especially in special areas of application with increased requirement criteria, e.g. in outdoor areas, in special production environments, in the areas of agricultural lighting or horticulture.


  • reduced installation effort and complexity
  • possibility of saving on

    - sealing compounds or adhesives

    - additional sealing elements e.g. sealing cords


  • damp-proof lighting
  • industrial lighting in special production areas e.g. particularly dusty production areas where the lighting must be cleaned
  • outdoor applications e.g. offshore
  • horticulture e.g. greenhouse and vertical farming, agricultural lighting e.g. stable lighting

Technical Details

  • materials: PMMA and PC, other materials can be tested upon request
  • seals on PMMA are possible as transparent or with colouration

    - seals on PC available in natural and black, and with colouration upon request

    - materials are deformable (flexible) but not compressible (no foams/EPDM)
  • mechanical connection of the cover to the enclosure must be able to absorb the
  • compressive force of the seal

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