Needle felts
With wool

Our wool fleeces come in a wide variety of compositions. The fibres have been linked to each other mechanically by needling, resulting in a stable flat structure. The high wool content not only improves the felt's optical properties but also its tactile response.

Numerous finishing options

Our needle felts are temperature-resistant, soundproof, moisture-repellent, cold-resistant and warming. Depending on application, the natural properties of our fibre fleeces can be further refined with an appropriate finish.

Advantages of needle felts with wool:

  • function-enhancing finishing options
  • customisable blends
  • large variety of fibres

Needle felts with high wool content
More than 50% wool

A high wool content is essential for any number of technical felt applications, making it possible to forego additional flame retardant finish, for example.

Advantages of needle felts with high wool content:

  • specific properties of wool
  • high-quality surface
  • ideal for further processing

Needle felts with low wool content
Less than 50% wool

Blending synthetic fibres allows for specific product properties to be achieved.

Advantages of needle felts with low wool content:

  • function-enhancing finishing options
  • elastic
  • large fibre selection

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