BWF Envirotec Application Technology
Our specialists determine which product is ideally suited for your baghouse.

From initial consultation all the way to installation, we help you optimise the performance of your baghouse. Filter solutions made by BWF Envirotec.

Filtration is our passion. Our filters are individually tailored for each application. For minimum emissions and maximum service life.

Selecting an optimal filter
a task for our Application Technology Specialists at BWF Envirotec

Minimum emission values require flawless interaction between filter and baghouse. This is the only way to make optimal use of your baghouse’s capacity and minimise the emission of harmful flue gas.

Our mission is to create the best conditions for minimum emissions. That’s why our engineers get the most out of your baghouse. They conduct a detailed analysis of the

  • thermal,
  • physical and
  • chemical process conditions

in your baghouse.

In the process, our team examines

  • The properties of the gas flow to be purified, e.g. temperature and chemical composition of the gas
  • Properties of the dust to be separated, e.g. chemical composition of the dust, particle size distribution and dust properties (agglomerating, abrasive, etc.)
  • Procedural data, e.g. baghouse design, purification method and filter area load
  • Emissions values and economic factors

The data collected in this way is used to select the right

  • fibre polymer,
  • fabric,
  • finish and
  • confectioning

from countless possible combinations to assemble an optimal PM-Tec® or needlona® filter bag for you.

All filter bags conform with the corresponding legal limits. We guarantee this by providing our customers the necessary warranties.

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