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for the manufacturing industry

Air quality - clean air for a clean environment

Clean air is our passion. With industry-leading industrial filters from BWF Envirotec, the air becomes cleaner and the exhaust gas filtration in your filter system becomes more efficient. As an innovative filter manufacturer for industry, we take many influencing factors into account when selecting the optimum filtration solution.

  • Low emission for climate protection
  • Long service life of industrial filters
  • Application-specific solutions for every industry
  • Economical use of materials and resources in the operation of the filter systems

We develop customized concepts for industrial air purification. For a wide variety of dust in industry, we offer innovative, customized and high-performance industrial air filters for all filter systems in the manufacturing industry.

Industrial air cleaners for lowest emissions

The continuous process chain at BWF Envirotec is unique: from the production of the filter medium to the ready-to-install filter element as an industrial filter. We can supply you with needle-felt and glass-fiber fabric roll goods and ready-made, diverse industrial filters such as pulse-jet filter bags, reverse-air filter bags, shaker filter bags, pleated filters, filter bags and filter cloths for a wide variety of filter systems.

We have the right industrial filter for you! No matter what challenge you face in industrial air purification: whether you are a plant manufacturer or operator equipping a filter system, or a confectioning company - we can ensure that you have the decisive technological edge.

You can also obtain air-conditioning filters of various filter classes from BWF Envirotec. Air-Conditioning Filters from our production at BWF Envirotec, Poland, stand for unsurpassed industrial filters and clean air. The filters are available in different filter materials, in different designs and for different applications.

Filter technology for customized climate filters for the highest demands for clean air ...

BWF Envirotec is the world's leading manufacturer of filter media and industrial filters for industrial air purification. We use over 50 years of experience in research, development and application to optimize our customers' dust removal processes. In doing so, we ensure compliance with statutory fine dust limits and help to minimize the energy consumption of filtration systems and extend their service lives. Our application engineering department determines the individual conditions of use and, with a range of products tailored to these conditions, ensures an optimum filtration solution using a wide variety of filter elements such as filter bags, filter pockets and filter cloths.

... and services for industrial filter systems

As an industrial filter manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive service portfolio. Our service team ensures that your filter system is in safe operating condition at all times. And this in every branch of industry.

Our services include:

  • Filter bag installation and filter replacement of any filter elements
  • Commissioning with UV leakage test and pre-coating
  • Maintenance and servicing with individual maintenance contracts
  • Reconditioning of industrial filters in installed condition
  • Performance optimization by e.g. probe measurement or CFD analysis
BWF Envirotec Service Team

Our services are individually tailored to the air purification needs of the processing industry. They ensure in your filter plant

  • lowest emission
  • optimum operation during the complete life cycle of your filter bags
  • high plant availability and highest requirements for dedusting of exhaust air and flue gas as well as for recovery processes
  • reliable compliance with your project schedule

BWF Envirotec is the filter manufacturer for clean air in the manufacturing industry.

Industrial air cleaners from BWF Envirotec help to minimize operating costs in filter plants by reducing the filter differential pressure and thus lowering energy requirements. Even the most difficult tasks in the filtration plant industry are safely handled by our high-performance industrial filters. In this way, our filtration solutions make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Talk to us - because for air purification in the manufacturing industry, we have the right industrial filter for every application! Because - we filter out more for you!

As an industrial air filter manufacturer, we are a global leader. In order to offer industrial filters with the highest quality, reliability and performance, we continuously develop our products.

Industrial air cleaners against dust in industry - what do industrial filters do?

BWF Envirotec Industrial Air Filter

Industrial filters play a crucial role in cleaning the air in various applications. An industrial air filter, which is used in the manufacturing industry, has the task of cleaning the air from harmful particles and impurities. For example, they are used in industrial plants, power plants, waste treatment plants and many other areas to filter impurities from the air.

In industrial facilities, there are often a variety of pollutants such as dust, fumes, chemicals, vapors, and other particles that may be present in the air. The filter removes these contaminants before the air is released into the work area or environment. The use of filter bags improves air quality by trapping potentially harmful particles.

This is immensely important in reducing environmental pollution. Industrial filters are produced from a wide variety of synthetic fibers and materials, depending on the requirements and environmental conditions, and are matched to the particular filtration process. Effective filtration is thus ensured to deliver clean air.

Industrial filter - special filtration solution for fine dust filtration

Particulate matter is produced in all industrial production. This is a daily challenge for the air filter industry. We at BWF Envirotec also offer the right industrial filter for this.

Fine dust filtration is a special task for our membrane product line PM-Tec®. This is ensured by a high-performance, laminated ePTFE membrane. The wafer-thin, highly separating membrane reduces the possibility of adhesions and dust deposits in the filter medium and promises - especially in fine dust applications - particularly low dust emissions. Fine dust particles are already separated on the surface of the industrial filter. This results in a sustainable reduction in air pollution to protect people and the environment.

BWF Envirotec Fine Dust Filtration
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