Filter Cloths
for solid-liquid filtration

A high flow rate, shorter pump cycles, clearer filtrate, excellent separation of the filter cake, adaptability to various product compositions and a long service life - all are essential characteristics of needlona® needle felt filter cloth.

Advantages of needlona® needle felt as a filter cloth for solid-liquid filtration, at a glance

  • Special surface treatments ensure regenerability
  • Chemical protective treatment allows for use in aggressive environments
  • Several layers of ultra-fine fibres ensure that even the smallest particles are separated
  • Large pore volume permits high throughput for the liquid
  • Mono-filament or multi-file supporting fabric ensures mechanical stability

Filter cloths are suitable for use with

  • Filter presses
  • Drum filters
  • Disc filters
  • Belt filters


BWF Envirotec filter cloths are used in the mineral industry (kaolin, barite), chemical industry (catalysts, zeolites) and food industry (cooking oil).

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