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Not exactly a field you expected to find the BWF Group in? In our opinion, technical skill and a feel for design do not have to be mutually exclusive! Brilliant colours, trendy models and a wide variety of products for individuals and companies - welcome to Design & Fashion at the BWF Group!

Decoration & Lifestyle

As stylish as leather, as natural as cotton. We could give you a thousand reasons to purchase beautiful wool felt products from BWF Feltec ​​ and our subsidiary HEY-SIGN GmbH: Their longevity, intense colours, elegant designs, the highlights they set for home, fashion and office .... But pictures say more than words. If you are already convinced by the ceiling object 'wave', then take another look at our HEY-SIGN products in the HEY-SIGN online-shop. Here you will find even more inspiration for decoration & lifestyle.

Interior design brand HEY-SIGN felt products
Interior design wall covering acoustic felt wool felt

Interiors & Furniture Industry

Our team at BWF Feltec loves to come up with solutions for interior design. One of our latest highlights: Wall coverings made of wool felt that are both sound absorbent and brighten up the room. For furniture manufacturers, the plastics experts at BWF Profiles​​ and ​BWF Thermoforms​ offer plastic sections and profiles e.g. for kitchen interiors, cabinets and desks.


BWF Group goes fashion? Not quite, but it is entirely possible that you are currently wearing a small piece of us. At least, if you donned a jacket or a blazer this morning: Both use under-collar felts from BWF Feltec.

Under collar felt clothing Fashion
Plastic Profiles for Cosmetic Displays Point-of-Sale Displays

Presentation & Sales

Especially in business and trade fair equipment, plastic is omnipresent. Whether for advertising spaces such as stands and cosmetic displays or built into shopping carts, ​BWF Profiles​​ and ​BWF Thermoforms​ supply customised plastic profiles and housings - whatever the application. What's more, BWF Feltec offers sound-absorbing coloured felts which can be used as partitions, curtains or wall coverings.

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