Supporting cages, leakage powder and more

Our complete solutions include a comprehensive range of accessories.
These filter accessories are sourced exclusively from selected suppliers who meet our high quality standards.

Supporting cage filter bag

Various supporting cage designs from
BWF Envirotec

Supporting cages and filter bags work together in the baghouse, with their interaction determining the efficiency of the baghouse and the service life of the filter bag. The filter bag and supporting cage must be optimally matched to each other to ensure a perfectly functioning baghouse. BWF Envirotec also supplies customers with matching supporting cages for all ready-made filter bags.

Our delivery programme includes supporting cages

  • For all common filter systems
  • In versions with or without venturi
  • One-piece or multi-piece
  • With easily separable couplings that protect the filter bag

BWF Envirotec supporting cages are available in the following shapes and materials

  • Round or star-shaped for filter bags
  • Flat for flat bags or filter bags
  • Oval for oval filter bags
  • Rectangular for filter bags
  • Steel or stainless steel

Anti-corrosion coating for supporting cages

  • Powder coating
  • Zinc galvanisation/galvanisation
  • Surface treatment (pickling and passivation)
BWF Envirotec environmental service leackage test

Leakage powder from BWF Envirotec
The safe way to uncover cracks or holes

Leakage powder allows for leaks in filter bags and/or filter and extraction systems to be detected easily and effectively. To do so, fluorescent leakage powder is fed into the raw gas stream of the baghouse, then a UV lamp is used to inspect the filter medium for any trouble spots.
BWF Envirotec offers leakage powder in many colours, making successive leakage tests possible. Find out more!

CleanTec from BWF Envirotec
For the save removal of the filterbags

CleanTec is specially designed to ensure a safe and clean removal of filter bags. CleanTec is a perfect disassembly aid when it comes to handling used, dust-laden filter bags, protecting your employees' health while also ensuring that filter bags are packaged safely and cleanly during disassembly.

CleanTec installation aid

Your advantages

  • No workplace contamination
  • By protecting your employees, CleanTec makes an important contribution towards OEL compliance (Occupational Exposure Limits)
  • Straightforward application
Filter bags parts and accessories

Yarns, sealing felts and double bead tapes
at BWF Envirotec

Yarn, sealing felts and double bead tapes must also be precisely matched to each other in subsequent processing. BWF Envirotec offers an extensive range of these filter accessories from stock.

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