Testing of filter media and dusts
at BWF Envirotec

At BWF Envirotec, our filter media and filter bags are tested down to the smallest detail. Read on to learn what testing methods we use.

BWF Envirotec filter media and filter bags on the test bench

Testing of filter media in line with ISO 11057(formerly VDI 3926): Our R&D Competence Centre is equipped with a test bench that simulates real filtration processes. This enables technicians to the test filtration and purification behaviour of filter media using a relatively small sample. They test properties of the filter media such as emissions behaviour, differential pressure developments and dust loads. It is even possible to precisely determine particle sizes in the clean gas sector.

Testing of filter bags: Our R&D team uses a baghouse test bench to test complete filter bags. Endurance tests are conducted here under conditions simulating practical use. We test and evaluate the interplay of filter media, supporting cages, welds, and the bag mount.

Measurement of particulate matter: With a light-scattering aerosol spectrometer, technicians are able to classify the smallest dust particles that pass through the filter media during the filter test, regardless of whether they are 0.1 µm or 10 µm (40 µm) in size. Not even the smallest grain of dust remains hidden from our specialists. With the help of additional test methods, we are therefore able to determine the best filter medium for your application.

We would be happy to analyse your dust and your current filter medium. On the basis of these results, we then determine the optimal filter medium for you.

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