Processing centre
Full Service from blanks to the end product

Our processing service can handle assignments as diverse as the potential applications of your products. No matter whether you are looking for a plastic profile, plastic tube, plastic sheet or optical foil cut to a certain size, have your product readied for installation through various processing steps after cutting, or need ventilation slots or fastening domes with threaded inserts on a thermoformed part: we are up to the task.

BWF Profiles and BWF Thermoforms offer complete service, from blanks to the end product

Your benefits at a glance

  • Flexibility due to in-house processing centre
  • Wide range of processing options
  • Consultation about potential processing steps begins during the initial project phases

Embossed structures
Directing the light in the second dimension

Our Innovation and Development department intensively focussed on the light-technical requirements of the lighting industry and fed in the results of their research into our production processes. In our in-house tool shop, we are now able to produce individual embossing rollers with diverse structures according to your ideas.

We are continuously improving our embossing technique and are therefore capable to meet your requirements with regards to low UGR values more easily and can also extend our prismatic design range to your wishes. By doing so, not only the appearance of the luminaire will be upgraded, but also a new level with regards to light-technical properties will be achieved. Thanks to the embossing method, the light can not only be directed alongside one axis as known from our common profiles, but also perpendicular to this axis.

Your product, made exactly to measure

At BWF Profiles, many of the plastic profiles, tubes and sheets are already cut to size in the extrusion line (inline). If this turns out not be possible from a production point of view or you require a very tight length tolerance, we offer individual precision cuts from optimised production lengths.

Our second operation department works with a wide range of saws that allow it to precisely cut all plastic profiles, tubes, sheets and optical foils from production regardless of design and material.

CNC machining
Individual machining

Our ultra-modern CNC machines offer a variety of processing possibilities. Everything is possible, from cutting and a range of drilling to complicated milling patterns. Whether the plastic profiles, tubes, sheets or optical foils are machined by CNC or manually depends on the following criteria, among others:

  • Type and form of second operation required
  • Geometry of the component

  • Required quantity

Manual processing and assembly
Everything from a single source

In addition to machining capabilities on CNC machines, BWF Profiles offers a variety of different manual plastic machining processes:

  • Drilling and multi-spindle drilling for up to 8 holes simultaneously

  • Tapping of all common thread types

  • Milling of folds, grooves, slots and radii

  • Flush contour milling for end caps

  • Surface brushing

  • Milling-polishing and matting

  • Gluing (visual and functional bonding) with two-component adhesive, UV adhesive or solvent adhesive

  • Folding: CNC machines are used for pre-machining, then the parts are folded manually and glued almost invisibly

  • Flush contour milling for end caps

  • Punching

  • Forming

  • Welding

What's more, we will assemble your components, e.g.

  • Installation of reflectors or seals in the machined parts

  • Pre-assembly in housing or aluminium profiles

  • Complete mechanical component assembly

Dynamically or in 360°-degree shape

Our Second-operation department offers you the possibility to transform your plastic profiles into dynamic light lines. The latest news with regards to that are 360° bent parts. Your dynamic light lines are not composed of several individual components anymore but can be bent and assembled in one piece. The advantage is that the visible joints can be reduced. In addition, the improved process also allows us to bend parts with a radius of 700mm for you.

Final inspection & pre-packaging
Unsurpassed quality

Before they are prepared for shipment, every plastic profile, tube, sheet, optical foil, thermoformed part or injection-moulded part and/or finished parts or components machined by BWF Profiles and BWF Thermoforms are thoroughly checked by our employees.

The plastic parts are cleaned and then given a final visual inspection. The parts are then pre-packaged according to your specifications. We also gladly accept individual packaging requirements.

Further benefits of BWF Profiles & BWF Thermoforms

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